Our Reaction Capabilities
  • Effluent Heavy Reactions
    • 30KL/day waste management approvals; systems in-place for managing liquid & solid effluents
    • Multi stage scrubber system for absorbing gaseous effluents
  • Hazardous Chemistries
    • Safety systems to handle hazardous reagents such as POCl3, SOCl2, Chloro-acetyl chloride, AlCl3, n-BuLi and others
  • Moisture Sensitive Reactions
    • Well equipped quality systems to handle moisture and air sensitive reactions such as BuLi coupling, Grignard reactions and others
  • Wide Temperature Reactions
    • Cryogenic reactions with chiller equipped to handle -20°C; one 3KL cryo-enabled reactor to handle reactions up to -65°C with liquid nitrogen
    • 2 T/hr steam boiler for reactions upto 140°C; 2 Lakh Kcal/hr thermic fluid heater for reactions upto 220°C
  • High Vacuum Distillation
    • High vacuum distillation set-up (up to 720 mm Hg) for specific applications
  • Complex Reactions
    • Complex reactions involving precise dual reagent addition capabilities, sub-surface reagent addition capabilities, pH sensitive reactions and others
cGMP compliant warehouse to avoid cross contamination and safeguard product quality
Well trained staff equipped to handle multiple chemistries