Salient Features

Production block

  • 50 KL installed capacity for phase I; additional ~150 KL planned for phase 2
  • Reactors with mix of SSRs and GLRs, with capacities ranging from ~100 L to 6.3 KL
  • Two-stage heat exchangers connected to each reactor along with jacketed receiver for efficient solvent recovery
  • SSRs and GLRs connected to Variable frequency drives (VFDs)
  • Multiple water-jet ejectors for high vacuum
  • Pilot lab for new product development and validation


  • Utilities support from -20 °C to 250 °C; 40 TR chiller equipped to handle cryo reactions
  • Separate cooling towers for production, chiller and vacuum systems
  • 2TPH boiler equipped with multi-dust cyclone, bag filters and Forbes-Marshall PRV


  • Dedicated and separate areas for liquid storage, solid raw material storage and finest goods storage
  • De-dusting room with air curtains, separate rooms for sampling, quarantine, reject and material dispensing
  • Racking with pellets for all material

Waste Management

  • Membership with a common effluent treatment facility in vicinity; ~30 KL/day waste management approval
  • Multi-stage scrubber system
  • Stringent cGMP and safety requirements followed

Fire and safety

  • Dedicated fire line across the plant perimeter with connections to all block, with hydrant lines, fire extinguishers
  • Dedicated DG pump system to power 6-7 kg pressure at all release points